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fastest-kpop-trans-i-follow-back asked
Hello! I translated BTOB's new song "You're So Fly", I don't have much of an audience since I'm new on tumblr, if you enjoy the translation I was wondering if you'd reblog so your followers may reblog too, I translate kpop songs immediately after they come out, hope you enjoy it ^.^!

Whoa~ Amazing how fast you translated the lyrics. You even have the romanization! Thank you for these! I always rely on the trans and romanized lyrics since I don’t speak Korean. You sure are a big help for intl fans like me. ^_____^

BTOB - YOU’RE SO FLY LYRICS (Egnlish & Romanized)


English Translation

btob 넌 감동이야 lyrics you’re so fly translation

on a night full of stars, my flattered heart
the moment I saw your eyes
I started imagining you being next to me
I hope this moment stays baby

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